Nota’s van Ouerondersteuningsgroep Byeenkoms Besprekings


4 Responses to Nota’s van Ouerondersteuningsgroep Byeenkoms Besprekings

  1. megan coetzer says:

    good day I have a foste child she is 18 this month.So now she wants to know if she can leave school and go to a collage or leave home to go to jhb?

  2. madelein says:

    Hi my name is Madelein, I am a foster mother of my grandson of 8 months. He was placed in my care from 2 months old. The mother had no work no place to stay, so my grandson had to stay in so many different places until he was given to me. I am bring up this little boy like I did my 5 own kids. I need advise regarding the mother and the other grandmother in his life. I really get abused by them. they never have anything good to say to me. Do I have to deal with the abused because they are his family or what can I do?

    • Please contact the Social Worker that placed the child in your care and discuss your situation with her. She will be able to advice you on your rights and support you. On 4 Jul 2016 15:22, “Foster Care in South Africa” wrote:

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