What is Christian Foster Care?

Whether we are aware of it or not, no one has a better understanding of the concept of Foster Care than a Christian.  A Christian is, through God’s grace, accepted into His family without limitation or restriction, and possesses the fullest possible measure ofSuitcases

As Christians, we believe that we are accepted into God’s family not due to any virtue of our own, nor because of our works and accomplishments.  Rather, acceptance is a function of God’s grace. Likewise, an Foster parent accepts a child into his or her family as an act of grace.  This is not to say that there is no expectation of a warm, fulfilling and rewarding parent and child relationship. Viewed from the eyes of the Foster parent, however, fostering is more about giving – the giving of love, companionship and the provision of one’s material possessions – than it is about receiving.

It is beyond the scope of this blog to explore the many implications of the concept of grace to the relationship between parent and child.  It needs to be stated, however, that the concept of grace has even greater and more profound application to the relationship between fostering parents and the foster child than it does to the more traditional parent and child relationship.  This is so because fostering is, by its very nature, a function of grace!

Through grace, the Foster parents accept a child into their home and bestow on that child their material possessions and the fullest measure of their love and affection.  There is no greater human example of grace!


2 Responses to What is Christian Foster Care?

  1. Iris says:

    We’re a Foster Care community caring for orphaned and vulnerable children called Mother of Peace, Building Families Building a Nation. Situated in Illovo, each child is allocated a home headed by a House Mother who cares and nurtures each child and instills that family connection that has been lost. There are homes, an Early Childhood Development Centre, a Chapel and Recreation on site. It is a very unique set up and promotes foster care as a community responsibility where we all understand our role in ensuring that these children have a brighter future. It does take a village to raise a child.

  2. Lineo Motsoeneng says:

    I have this need that keep me in tears all the time. I need to give love to someone, probably an abandoned or abused, orphan etc; but my problem is that of material possessions because i am not working, but i live in a good family environment with a working husband. i have 3 kids whom we dream together of the day we can be able to help other souls. My husband does not even want to talk about this subject. I have a home, I eat everyday, i am there for my kids all the time, but because of that missing item, i am unhappy. please can you advise me how to go about with this issue.

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