Pleegsorg: Hulpbron Sentrum


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  1. Thomas Miller says:

    Hi there,my younger brother and his girlfriend’s two little girls(age 3 and 9months) were taken away by welfare workers about a month ago and placed into foster care because they were abusing these little angels.I am the godfather of these children and have been supporting their needs (food and clothing since they have been born) and now they have been placed in foster care and by all accountst they seem to be doing well.Neither myself nor my parents have been allowed to see or visit them and this is taking a tremendous toll on all of us care for these children like they are our own.We reported the abuse beginning of the year already and the welfare only took action a month ago and now we have had to hand documents in at the court applying for legal guardianship which the welfare worker said is not guaranteed to succeed and may take up to a year to process.She also said they are looking to place the children in a childrens home as the foster parents aren’t able to look after them indefinitely.Any advice on how to proceed as we can’t afford a lawyer?

    • Good day. Which welfare organisation and branch thereof is involved with their case? On 20 Apr 2015 16:56, “Foster Care in South Africa” wrote:


    • You are more than welcome to send me a private e-mail to On 20 Apr 2015 16:56, “Foster Care in South Africa” wrote:


    • There are certain criteria that must be met for family or other caregivers to be approved as foster parents/guardians etc. The Social Worker dealing with your brothers children’s case will be the person to discuss these requirements/criteria with. Make an urgent appointment with her and discuss it with her. If she doesn’t have any objections then request the children be placed with you/parents in ‘place of safety’ until the matter can be dealt with through the children’s court system. PLEASE do everything in your power to prevent them from being placed in a children’s home, where they will be subjected to unnecessary trauma due to feelings of being rejected and unloved. Should the worker have objections that you do not agree with and find to be unfair, then please urgently contact a Family Advocate. Unfortunately you haven’t provided me with the area so I’m giving you the contact details for the Pretoria offices. The Family Advocate’s Offices; Momentum Centre, 329 Pretorius Street (c/o Pretorius and Sisulu Streets), PRETORIA Tel: +27 (0)12 315 1111; see more at:

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