The Affects of Trauma on Children


Children touch our lives, bring us joy, stir our souls.  We cherish them as a delicate resource and a hope for a better tomorrow.  As adults we attempt to provide an environment that encourages their growth and gives them the courage necessary to improve the world.  We will, without hesitation, do freely for children what we would resist vigorously if asked to do for other adults.  We instinctively protect children, care for them, love them, and place hopes and dreams upon them.

Unfortunately some adults even participate knowingly and actively in self-serving destructive behaviors that leave the lives of children in chaos and despair.  Children, despite the very best efforts to protect them, are used in a wide assortment of dangerous, illegal, and destructive endeavors to satisfy the selfish, vulgar and petty needs of ‘adults’.  Children are cheated, sexually abused, neglected, ignored, injured, and even killed so that adults might be ‘satisfied’.

This post is aimed at providing practical information for Safety/Foster and Adoptive Parents, they might immediately apply to distressed children to relieve their pain and to help bring healing.  Empowering adults to initiate changes in the lives of children before the effects of traumatic events have the opportunity to become entrenched in them.   Allowing adults to act, instead of just having to stand by idle while innocent children suffer.

  1. Part 1: Types and Origin of Childhood Trauma
  2. Part 2:  Children’s Reactions to Trauma
  3. Part 3:  Practical Keys for Foster Parent to aid Healing and Bonding 

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