Foster Grant Application – SASSA Offices Pretoria

Foster Grant Application Office



Louis Pasteur Building

c/o Prinsloo & Pretorius Streets

Tel. No.: (012) 329 9225

Office Hours:  Weekdays 08h00 – 16h00


SASSA Toll Free:  0800 60 10 11 or CPS 0800 60 01 60


The Required Documents to apply for a SASSA Foster Child Grand

The following original documents and certified copies thereof, must accompany an application for a foster child grant:

  1. Your identity document and that of your spouse.
  2. If married, your marriage certificate.
  3. The original birth certificate of the foster child, and if it is a certified copy, it can’t be older than 3 months.
  4. The Court Order placing the child in your foster care.
  5. Confirmation of residential address (Municipal Account).

All of the above mentioned documents must be taken with to the SASSA offices.

On arrival at the SASSA Offices ask the Security Officer for the below listed documents:

  1. A document that has to be completed by the foster child’s school / crèche, confirming school attendance by the foster child.
  2. An affidavit that has to be completed by the S.A.P.S.

Please Note:    The foster child does not have to accompany you during the initial document collection and application.  The best time to go to the SASSA offices is at 13h00, this is their quietest period.

After completing all of the relevant documentation take it back to the SASSA offices.  The best time to go to the SASSA offices is at 13h00, this is their quietest period.

A SASSA security officer will then issue you with a receipt, specifying a date on which you have to return back with the foster child.  Keep this receipt; it is your proof of application.

NB.:     Whenever going to the SASSA offices, always be sure to take the original documents with.

Note:   You do not have to pay any money to apply and you will be paid from the date of the legal placement of the child in your care by the Children’s Court.


27 Responses to Foster Grant Application – SASSA Offices Pretoria

  1. Hi,

    I have a 3 old boy whom i have never registered for social grant before as a result of i was working and earning more than 3500 but now i am no longer working so i was wondering what steps to take to ensure that my child gets a social grant as well, please advise.

    • The social grant discussed in this post relates to foster children. Apply for a Foster grant at the SASSA offices as detailed in this post. For enquiries relating to ‘other than Foster grants’, I am unfortunately unable to assist you. Please contact the SASSA offices directly for more information thereon.

      On 14 Sep 2016 11:54 a.m., “Foster Care in South Africa” wrote:


  2. faith says:

    i mean everyear

  3. faith says:

    my name is Faith i have been get the foster grant for my late brother daughter which i adopted last year in May and i started getting the foster grant end of July last year. i need to know do i have to go renew it everyday

    thank you

  4. Rantho mahlatje says:

    I’m a 23 yrs old lady,both my parents passed away 12 yrs ago and I have twin brothers who are now 17 yes old,my aunt applied for foster care since 2010 and even now we did not receive it and we don’t know why….and this year January I tried to apply for my child’s support grant they said it won’t be possible because i exist on application of foster ,eventhough we did not receive it….whst must we do?please help

  5. Chwaita says:

    Hi my name is chwayita selem m 24 i ws given a court order in cape town so that i can b th foster parent 2 my sister that time i ws styng there n apply 4 a Foster care grant at sassa in july 2015 bt ddnt gt any responce 4rm sassa up until december i got a call frm sassa there in cptwn dat they saw my application bt the problem is that some1 is receiving this foster care n nw m no longer in cptwn i moved there bcz i ws suffering n was alone in dat citie so m in easteren cape now i cnt apply bcz of this problem plz help me i need ur help wat mst i do i dnt want to c my sister suffer bcz of me she wll benefit alot if she receive fcg

    • Unfortunately I have no influence or say in the approval of SASSA foster care grants. You will have to persist in following your application up with their offices directly. On 18 Mar 2016 11:40, “Foster Care in South Africa” wrote:


  6. prrcious says:

    hi my name is precious I’m staying with my husband I would like to know I stay with an orphan from my husband side of family we can’t take care of him as we both not working no one Will take care of him except us his 15 years old his parents died in 2013 now we are suffering with support I would like to asked where to go or is the any help for the child

    • Make an appointment with a Social Worker at the closest Welfare or CSC offices to you. They will be able to assist you with the process. On 24 Nov 2015 4:07 PM, “Foster Care in South Africa” wrote:


  7. hildah says:

    ne ke kwadisitse bana foster ka 2012 ya emisisiwa ka gonne ne kesa ba gatisa menwana ka nako card ya tswalliwa k ya sassa ka batlhalosetsa bare ba scan dilo tsa gwa iriwa byalo ka botsiwa gore ke emele a new court order ka ira byalo ka kwadisa bana again ge ke boella afetr 2 weeks bare di cancelled ke thome again ka thoma again ba mpotsa gore stystem ya bona e batla ke emele di 1 october ka founeliwa during august ba mpotsa gore ke romele my document ka di romele bt le kajeno gase ke kereye ansa

  8. Lordwick Maake says:

    i am verry much concerned about how your officials operate when they visited families of the beneficiaries of foster care grant,they dont listen to the elders when they breath out their concern regarding behaviour of the childrens after the elders came back from paypoint.i have got my younger brother who is so violent when he need the money from grandmother,n granny tried to raise her concern several times but her story is not now granny has to run away from her home to safe her life beause of a small boy,and ones we act as elders the boy is gona lay charges against us,and find that we end up in jail because of what u saying u are helping us.for more info and directions u can call me on these numbers 084 077 6962 or 0604868142 thanx.

    • This is a privately run site! It is in NO way or manner connected or affiliated with the SASSA office’s. Please contact them with any queries or complaints.

      Helouise Steenkamp On 06 Oct 2015 1:52 PM, “Foster Care in South Africa” wrote:


  9. Mxolisi wela says:

    My mother died in 2008 i haven’t seen my father since i was born if my grand mother go to social workers to aply for grant 1social worker said me and my grand mother must go and look for my father if we dont she will make sure that we dont get a grant even today we are not getting grant mother doesn’t please or phone us 0799119031 or 0748749063

    • Please contact the closest Welfare or CSC offices to where you stay, and make an appointment with a Social Worker. She is qualified to assist you.

      Helouise Steenkamp On 14 Sep 2015 6:53 PM, “Foster Care in South Africa” wrote:


  10. Mxolisi wela says:

    My mother died in 2008 i haven’t seen my father since i was born if my grand mother go to social workers to aply for grant 1social worker said me and my grand mother must go and look for my father if we dont she will make sure that we dont get a grant even today we are not getting grant please help me my grand mother doesn’t please or phone us 0799119031 or 0748749063

  11. Maggie Sekhoto says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I would like to ask that my Aunt has applied for the forster care grant at Krugersdorp, Everything was completed and they said she should call ,when she calls they said they are not done and they end up not answering the phone.Can you please advise us on what should we do because they don’t give the managers numbers in case you want help.

    Kind regards
    Maggie Sekhoto

  12. Phumlani says:

    Dear Sir/Sadam

    I’m Foster parent of 3 children,I’m having serious issues with the approval of my application I’ve renewed my application 5months ago but still Idont seem to get help.I was told by one of Sassa’s administrator that my ”file it might take a while” now I’m stuck I really don’t know where to go or what to do.even my social worker said she can’t help me out of this situation.

  13. Godfrey Skosana says:

    I’d like to inquire about the waiting periods of the child & foster grants.

    My grandmother has two orphaned kids in her care. She was awarded child support grants for both and told to come apply to upgrade them to foster care grants at a later stage, which she did in 2013. She was then told that social workers would visit her home for further ‘analyses’ required to complete her application. She has since waited, to no avail.
    Recently, she received a letter from SASSA informing her about the imminent expiration of the grant for the older child who is now in grade 11. With the child still in school, she went to apply for an extension or the grant but was told there’s nothing to they could do for her since the child is about to reach 18, and she’d rather wait until her 2013 application materializes.

    My concern is that she was never given a receipt as proof of her application, as stipulated in the SASSA website, and no application was filled out in the resent plea to extend the child’s grant.

    I would therefore like to find out how long should applicants wait, and how else do they find out about the status of their applications?

    Godfrey Skosana

  14. Audrey Lekhuleni says:

    I want to enquire to you….who qualifies for the foster grant? for example if I’m working for the government and my husband is unemployed can we apply for the foster grant?

  15. slindile says:

    I want to ask that if a child recieves a foster care grant and the child’s foster passed away on JUNE 2013 and the child stoped receiving a grant and whe n we applied at camperdown on MARCH 2015 they didn’t payedback the money for all these months what worries me is that the money appeared onthe computer and they infomed us that we will get the money and this is the second month and theres no payback money we only got monthly payments R1580 on april 2015 and R860 on may 2015 .I. WOULD LKE TO ASK FOR YOUR HELP WHERE CAN WE SEEK FOR HELP

  16. shaafie says:

    Hi could you please forward me a email address for application of a disability grant. I’m bed bound and can’t go to the sassa offices. Thank you.

    • I am sorry, but you will have to contact SASSA to obtain the application form. They don’t just hand the forms out to anyone. You have to complete it their. So please contact them and inquire as to how you‎ obtain the form, as you are bed bound.  Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. From: Foster Care in South AfricaSent: Friday 24 October 2014 11:43To: helouiseS@gmail.comReply To: comment+rd8qzuo28iz-91ij2ruk6yna5_@comment.wordpress.comSubject: [Foster Care in South Africa] Comment: “Foster Grant Application – SASSA Offices Pretoria”

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  17. Isabel Sanderson says:

    Please prepare foster parents for the ordeal they may have to face, at the hand of SASSA officials when applying for a foster care grant. But remind them that they are applying for this grant for the sake of the child or children that they have in their foster care. This grant may be the difference between having a medical aid or not, or being able to pay for an extramurial activity that could develop or improve their child’s talents and skills. Foster care is not for the faint hearted and I want to urge my brothers and sisters to perservere!!!!

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