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  1. Wayne says:

    My name is Wayne. Recently my brother and his wife asked me to Foster their son due to their struggles of Drug addiction and poverty. Could you please assist me in formalising this? My wife and I also started a NPC called Faith Village NPC which specifically deals with Orphaned and Vulnerable children. This would be a cluster care facility for vulnerable children. We are in need of land to start this project.

    • Thank you for opening your house and life to a vulnerable child. Yes, it will definitely be in His and your best interest to have his placement with you legalised through the Children’s Court. Contact your closest CSC or Welfare Office to have him placed in your Foster care. On 25 Feb 2016 2:43 PM, “Foster Care in South Africa” wrote:


  2. Karen says:

    I am trying to get the Form 30 from adption services processed, have sent two already and they cintinue to ignore it. I have been a host mother for the past 5 yeaes to a little boy and nearing the completion iof the required priocesses to foster him full time but adootion service are useless. Anyone know how to get them to complete the form 30 and return to me.?

    • There is more than a years worth of backlog at the department that deals with the processing of form 30’s. Your Social Worker can supply youngish the form, nut the department has to do the rest. When you submit a form 30 always get them to sign for it so that you can at least have proof of your submission.

      Helouise Steenkamp On 21 Oct 2015 8:32 PM, “Foster Care in South Africa” wrote:


  3. nonhlanhla says:

    My Name is Nonhlanhla Dladla from red cross we will like to start a foster care centre .can u pls assist us 011 984 4307 /0714178495

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