Foster Parent Encouragement


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  1. Raakee says:

    Hello , My husband and I will like to foster a child from your home , we have no children of our own . Please advise me how do i go about putting an application through . Thanks

  2. Do you know who the worker was and from which CMR branch?

  3. Lizette Du Plooy says:

    Ek en my man het hulp nodig het n seun van 14 jaar wat nou al 8 mnde by ons bly sy pa kan nie vir hom sorg en wil hom vir 2jr in pleegsorg sit by ons , ons was al by stellenbosch acvv maar niemand kom terug na ons ASB HELP. Groete Lizette

    • Kontak die naaste CMR kantore aan julle, en rapporteer die situasie aan hulle. Daar is ‘n vollgedige lys – Nation Wide CSC Offices – op die inligtings bladsy van hierdie blog.

      Baie sterkte.

  4. Ouma Nettie says:

    Hi Helouise, I’m so glad I’ve stumbled onto your blog today. I’ve taken my 3 grand children into foster care (ages 3(girl), 4(boy) and 6(girl)). My ex-husband and I actually started the process in 2012 while we were still married, but I’ve been struggling since the sepparation to have them placed into my care (due to my financial situation I wasn’t able to hold onto them, fortunately I have a wonderful family who assist me financially and emotionally). In March 2013 I’ve finally succeeded with my application and I went to Virginia (Welkom) to collect them from the home. The feeling of relief can’t be put into words. Currently the person who went out of his way to have them put into a home is actually applying for visitation rights and I’m feeling so negative about foster care! And today I’ve realized how my negative feelings could influence my children and I’m not willing to throw away all the work I’ve done thus far, because of one person. It’s really good to know that there are others who knows the struggles I’m going through and will be able to assist me with wisdom and experience.

  5. My foster child is 6, and suddenly presented with terrible aggression at school,
    really do not know what to do any more.?
    He swears terrible and hurt other children,
    He is with me since 5years old, always had aggression, but never this bad.
    The School threaten to put him out of school, I need help.

    • To enable me to give you advise I need to know his history (just briefly and please without mentioning any names or specifics). Thank you, I’m awaiting your reply.

    • His behaviour is unfortunately NORMAL for a Foster Child that has not established a secure bond with his care providers and has been exposed to many traumas since early childhood. These numerous traumas that he has experienced (such as having been neglected/ abused/ rejected/ been placed with various care providers, etc.) cause him to react in a type of ‘survival mode’. With other words, he is not being difficult on purpose! He has no control over most of his ‘angry’ behaviour. It stems from his brain not realising that the trauma he was exposed to have ceased, and that he is now safe and loved.

      I urge you to contact your Social Worker as soon as possible and ask for a referral to a recommended Social Worker that specialises in Child Trauma and Bonding in your area, or simply ask your GP to refer you. You are WONDERFUL parents for him, but Foster Children cannot be raised as biological children! They have been hurt, rejected and disappointed by the hands of other adults who were supposed to protect them. Years of neglect and physical and emotional trauma, takes time, unconditional love, a secure and predictable environment, and long term commitment to allow healing to take place. Social Workers want us to succeed as Foster Parents, and it is our right to ask for help.

      My best wishes and prayers go with you on this ‘the foster care journey’!

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