Thank You

A BIG thank you to every one that shared the recruitment, and prayed for the ‘just turned 6 year old little boy’, who desperately needed a down to earth foster family! The LORD has provided him with a loving and commited family❣


About Helouise Steenkamp

I'm a 45 plus, Devoted Wife and Mother. Adonai has blessed us with two Amazingly Wonderful Sons. We have had the privilege of being Place of Safety parents for 1 1/2 years and there after foster parents to a Darling Princess for 5 years. She was reconciled with her biological parents in Dec'14. Our hearts are still aching from the loss, but we know that as we trust Adonai with our salvation, so we can trust Him with her future. We welcomed our new 4 year old foster child on 05JUN'15.
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3 Responses to Thank You

  1. I am a a clinical psychologist in johannesburg and working with a foster child… do you know of any support groups for foster parents in gauteng?

    • Yes. You are more than welcome to contact the CMR North Foster Parent Support Group in Pretoria. Minka Keesenberg is the Senior Social Worker that can assist you. Her is 0123330421

      On 3 Apr 2017 4:08 p.m., “Foster Care in South Africa” wrote:


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