An Open Letter to ‘Place of Safety’ And ‘Foster’ Parents

When I am among foster parents, it becomes clear to me that we are the few—the privileged—each of us learning unique life lessons as only foster parents can.

I am sure every foster parent has a story to tell — some with laughter, some with tears, and some with total disbelief.  We have taken on the challenge of caring for some of the most vulnerable children and most needy families. Yet, the atmosphere amongst foster families is charged with commitment, humor, and positive energy (on most days). We share stories and experiences about children who’ve come and gone.

We are not perfect. Our homes get cluttered (how many of you have a personal stash of children’s clothing that rivals that of the local second-hand store?) and our schedules are busy. We may even forget appointments and anniversaries, and our idea of a social life is talking to the checkers at the local supermarket.

We are focused on our job—our job of caring for children. Often, everything else must wait. Through it all, we learn. We live bigger and love deeper. We are foster parents, and we are privileged.

Written by: Toni Chambers – A fellow Foster Parent

“Copyright 2011 Adoption Resources of Wisconsin. Adapted and Reprinted with permission.”


About Helouise Steenkamp

I'm a 45 plus, Devoted Wife and Mother. Adonai has blessed us with two Amazingly Wonderful Sons. We have had the privilege of being Place of Safety parents for 1 1/2 years and there after foster parents to a Darling Princess for 5 years. She was reconciled with her biological parents in Dec'14. Our hearts are still aching from the loss, but we know that as we trust Adonai with our salvation, so we can trust Him with her future. We welcomed our new 4 year old foster child on 05JUN'15.
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